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Aluminum Marquee – Aluminum Structure Marquee

Aluminum Marquee or Aluminum Frame Marquee is heavy duty marquee structure widely used for the purpose of weddings marquees, exhibition marquees, party marquees, conference marquees as well for warehouses. These marquee’s are alternate and short cut from building some hotel or some kind of warehouses. Theses marquee’s are highly cost effective and than other constructions buildings. Aluminum marquee has its own long life and it can be decorated according to the requirements. We are the manufacturers of Aluminum Marquee in Pakistan located in Lahore City.


Aluminum Marquee Specifications

Aluminum structure marquees are highly durable and long lasting.Aluminum structure marquee can resist strong wind with the speed of 80-100 Km/h and is  characterized with high safety, small volume, convenience of transportation, installation, disconnection and storage etc. Aluminum Marquee structure can build according to the requirements.

Frame Material

  • Hard Pressed extruded aluminum 6061/T6 (15HW) with Fluorine Carbon paint coating.
  • Conector is made of zinc powder-coated steel.
  • The aluminum marquee frame is strong, durable, not easy to rust and distort.

Fabric Material:

  • Double PVC-Coated polyester  Fabric is used.
  • PVC is available in wide range of colors. mostly white is used.
  • 850 GSM PVC Fabric is used for roof and 650 GSM is used for walls.
  • PVC fabric is waterproof, anti-leakage, UV Resistant, Fire retardant, Flame retardant etc.
  • Temperature resistance : -40 degree to 70 degree.

Sizes and Dimensions

  • Span Width: 3m, 6m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 18m, 20m, 21m, 22m, 15m, 30m, 32m, 35m, 40m, 50m, 60m.
  • Length: Not Limited | Extended by 3m/unit or 5m/unit.
  • Eave Height: 2m to 10m. Standard height is 2.5m, 4m, 5m.


ABS Wall

Steel Sheet Wall


Transparent PVC Wall

Sandwich Wall

Lining & Curtains

Aluminum Panel Wall



Glass Wall


Tables & Chairs

Advantages & Benefits

  • Convenient to transport and store, temporary or permanent use is available.
  • There is no pole inside. 100% space can be utilized.
  • Can be fixed on all grounds with expansion screw-steel nail-weight plate.
  • The maximum allowed wind speed is 100 km/h.

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